Carfax Education comprises a group of international education businesses, supporting individuals, families, and pupils seeking to access educational opportunities. 

Our group includes the following businesses:

  • Carfax Consultants

  • Carfax Tutors

  • Carfax Guardians

  • Carfax College

  • Carfax Projects 


In 2008 the first overseas office was opened in Moscow acting as a hub for Consultancy clients and providing Oxbridge tutors for the pupils who were rigorously preparing for their tests at UK schools. 

Office in St. Petersburg followed in 2010 with the same services. Moscow centre is now offering home schooling on all UK programmes, as well as working as an Edexcel centre. 

Carfax Education, Moscow is an accredited Edexcel centre. This allows us to deliver lessons in variety of subjects ranging from humanitarian to sciences and organize official Edexcel board exams in any area: GCSE, IGCSE, GCE, IAL, etc.

We can support your academic development and help you to secure a place at institutions you desire.


The main headquarters are in London and Carfax Russia works in close collaboration. Our UK consultants frequently visit the Moscow study centre in order to maintain a strong connection with the Russian students. We believe that for delivery of high-quality education results we need to follow strict standards in the selection of tutors. Every tutor at Carfax graduated from one of the leading Universities and top schools. Carfax Moscow truly provides education without borders.
Our tutors not only teach in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, but also are available to work all over Russia and beyond with those who live elsewhere or wish to study while traveling.